Pre-ordering is a process where fabric is ordered before printing. Designs will be sent away to the printers to be printed with an estimated turnaround time of approximately 3 weeks. Please bare in mind shipping delays our out of our control.

Please allow an additional 1-3 days for dispatching.

Pre- ordering will take place every 2 weeks with dates below. Each pre order round will be open for 2 weeks Dates below. ⬇️

There is a minimum order of 1/2 metre per design, 1m for Minky Sherpa. You can mix and match your fabric bases.

* Please note that colours you see on the screen and colours that you get on the fabric might slightly vary due to many factors: the fabric you choose to print on, the colour profile of the file, the calibration of your screen, etc.

*Printed fabric can contain small flaws within the print. This may include such things as small white specks, some small amounts of ink transfer/smudging. Flaws are usually minimal and can usually be worked around. We personally check all of our fabrics. If a significant flaw is noticed at quality control, we will contact the printer to discuss this prior to contacting you, the buyer, to make you aware and talk through options moving forwards.

* Please also Note, When ordering larger lengths of fabric there is no guarantee it will come in one piece due to printing faults. However this is something we try our best to avoid but is out of our control

* A prewash of fabrics is reccommended before use as cotton fabrics will encounter some shrinkage ( approx 10%)

(Christmas periods will have longer turnaround and shipping times)

Pre order dates 2024/2025

Pre-order dates February

11th Feb- 24th Feb (printers back open on 25th Feb)

25th Feb-9th March (est arrival WC 18th March)

Pre- order dates March

25th Feb - 9th March (est arrival WC 1/4/24)

10th March- 23rd March (est arrival WC 15/4/24)

24th March - 6th April (est arrival WC 29/4/24)

Pre-order dates April

24th March - 6th April (est arrival WC 29/4/24)

7th March - 20th April (est arrival WC 13/5/24)

21st April - 4th May (est Arrival WC 27/5/24)

Pre- order dates May

21st April - 4th May (est Arrival WC 27/5/24)

5th May - 18th May (est Arrival WC 10/6/24)

19th May - 1st June (est arrival WC 24/6/24)

Pre- order dates June

2nd June- 15th June (est arrival WC 8/7/24)

16th June- 29th June (est arrival WC 22/7/24)

30th June- 13th July (est arrival WC 5/8/24)

Pre- order dates July

30th June- 13th July (est arrival WC 5/8/24)

Pre-order dates August